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At home with TV’s Detective Murdoch

It doesn't take  a detective to spot the two Pornigami's owned by the Bisson family.  Yannick and his lovely wife Shantelle had their home featured this week in the Globe & Mail and low and behold there two lovely Pornigami ladies made an appearance.  You can check out the full article here. The two pieces seen in the article are Giant Umeko in plum and Giant Katsumi with blue eyes.  At 4ft by 8ft this is currently the largest Pornigami ever made.


Thanks for checking out the new harv.ca, this site will now be used to display my artwork.  If you came here looking for information on my film or music video work please head on over to harveyglazer.com or 235films.com Over the next few weeks I will be launching the initial sale of pornigami prints.  Stay tuned…